Match 8 - Group D
Austria vs France Tickets
UEFA Euro 2024

Location / Düsseldorf, Germany, Düsseldorf Arena
Date / Monday 17th June 2024
Hour / 15:00 (Local time)

Austria France Euro 2024 Tickets

Buy your tickets for Austria vs France, the second match of Group D in the UEFA Euro 2024 at the Düsseldorf Arena in Germany. Tickets are available in categories 1, 2, 3, Fans First, and Prime seats.

Reserve your seats now to witness this exciting football match featuring Kylian Mbappe and Ousmane Dembélé led by the unwavering coach Didier Deschamps in Euro 2024. Our secure platform guarantees the authenticity of the tickets. You can buy and sell your tickets with confidence.


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Tickets France Austria Euro 2024

Get ready for an intense face-off in UEFA Euro 2024 as France goes head-to-head with Austria in this highly anticipated match. Under the guidance of coach Deschamps, and with star players like Kylian Mbappe and Dembele, France is set to seek revenge after their World Cup defeat against Argentina. While Austria has proven to be a tough opponent in the past, this major tournament introduces a new level of competition where anything can happen.

Tickets France Austria Euro 2024 in Düsseldorf

Immerse yourself in the excitement of football at the iconic Düsseldorf Arena. This match is expected to draw a massive crowd, with Austrian and French supporters traveling for hours to reach the stadium. Get ready for unforgettable moments at the heart of one of Europe's most famous football arenas, boasting 47,000 seats. Enjoy the city's amenities while anticipating this significant football event!

Austria v France Tickets : Expected price increases, Buy now!

Düsseldorf is very close to the French border, and a strong influx of French supporters is anticipated, along with an Austrian wave due to proximity to Germany and a significant Austrian community living in the country. With high stakes and both teams eager for victory, ticket prices are expected to skyrocket. Secure your tickets now for the entry of both teams into the UEFA Euro 2024, taking place at the Düsseldorf Arena!

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