Welcome to RED Ticket Exchange !

Designed by fans for fans !

Our platform is a non-profit Marketplace, offering a secure space where buyers and sellers in good faith can exchange tickets with confidence.

We do not run advertisements. Our goal is not to become a massive platform, but rather to create a human-sized, warm, and friendly space where enthusiasts can buy and sell with peace of mind. Our aim is to provide 5-star customer service, with 24/7 availability and responsiveness, to secure and facilitate transactions.

We have established strict rules to ensure all our users, buyers, and sellers, have a smooth, transparent, and secure experience, far superior to what social networks can offer.

It is important to note that our Marketplace is a secondary market. We highly recommend all our users to check the websites of the official organizers before any transaction, whether it's for buying or reselling tickets. Our goal is to provide an additional opportunity when major events are sold out, in a secure framework ensuring the protection of honest buyers and sellers.

Here's how our Marketplace works

When a seller lists tickets for sale, we carefully verify their identity and the authenticity of the tickets. Once a buyer accepts the listed price, the money is held in escrow on our platform until the seller fulfills all their obligations. This gives the buyer peace of mind to report any potential issues until the transaction is finalized and the event date arrives.

We don't hide any fees on our platform. The final price per ticket, including commissions, is clearly displayed on the listings.

Seller payment is processed five business days after the event. We deduct commissions to ensure the platform runs smoothly and to protect buyers in case of seller default.

The Red Fans Guarantee

All bona fide buyers benefit from our guarantee, ensuring they attend the event for which they've paid, under the conditions described at the time of purchase. In case of seller default, our platform steps in to provide tickets of equal or superior quality in terms of seating, at no additional cost to the buyer. For this, we collaborate with professional brokers specialized in event ticketing. Any price difference upwards is funded by the commissions collected on transactions.

During major events, we assign staff to assist buyers at the stadium entrance or to intervene in case of issues.

You can buy your tickets with peace of mind on our platform.

Zero Negative Reviews: Proof of Our Commitment

Red Tickets Exchange stands out for the total absence of negative online reviews. Unlike our competitors, we have built a trusted relationship with our community over time. We take pride in displaying only positive, genuine feedback.

We make it a priority to ensure all our users are satisfied. Our approach as fans has enabled us to build a platform where transparency, security, and satisfaction are the priorities.

Rules applicable to sellers

Our platform provides all bona fide sellers with a secure space to fulfill their obligations as described in their listings. They can resell their tickets at their chosen price and have the assurance of being paid when they relinquish the use of their tickets. We have implemented strict rules to deter malicious behavior. Here's a summary of the rules applicable to sellers. (For more details, you can refer to our terms of use)

A - Seller Responsibilities

1. Authentication and Legal Requirements

Transparency and legality are fundamental values of our platform. Thus, each seller is required to provide a valid identification document (Passport / National Identity Card / Driver's License). Furthermore, the seller must comply with the minimum legal age required in their country of residence to sell tickets on RED Tickets Exchange. It is strictly forbidden to offer for sale tickets that the seller does not own or have rights to.

2. Accurate Ticket Description

We encourage sellers to provide a detailed and precise description of their tickets to ensure an optimal purchasing experience for buyers. This description should include:

Ticket Placement : To ensure buyer satisfaction, all listings with multiple tickets must offer adjacent seating (consecutive seats in the same row). Tickets spread across two rows must be listed separately.

Possible Restrictions : To avoid confusion or disappointment, any restrictions mentioned by the official organizer must be clearly indicated when listing the tickets. This may include disabled seating, restricted views, or sections reserved for opposing supporters.

Face Value of Tickets : In the interest of transparency, it is imperative for the seller to mention the original price paid to the official organizer for each ticket. This information is communicated to the buyer before purchase validation.

Failure to comply with these transparency rules may result in the cancellation of the sale and penalties, as detailed in the "Penalties for Non-Compliance" section.

3. Credit Card Guarantee

To ensure transaction reliability, each seller is required to leave a credit card imprint. This imprint is used to cover any penalties in case of non-compliance with the platform rules. It is important to note that no fees are charged when the card is imprinted; it is simply retained in case of platform rule violations.

4. Reporting and Responsiveness

We encourage transparent and proactive communication between sellers and the platform. Thus, the seller agrees to report any issues related to a sale within a maximum of 24 hours. This responsiveness allows the platform to intervene quickly to provide a solution to the buyer, thus fostering a smooth and secure purchasing experience.

5. Ticket Delivery

Once the tickets are available from the organizer, the seller has 24 hours to deliver them to the buyer. Any delay or delivery issue may result in sale cancellation and penalties. In the event the event starts in less than 24 hours, the delivery time is reduced to 4 hours to ensure an optimal purchasing experience for the buyer.

6. Price Setting

We attach great importance to sellers' freedom to set prices. Thus, each seller is free to set the selling price of the tickets, which will be clearly displayed when listed. It is important to note that any input errors are the seller's responsibility.

B - Penalties for Non-Compliance

Any breach of the aforementioned rules may result in the following penalties :

1. Fixed penalties of €100 per ticket

In order to protect our users and maintain transaction quality, penalties of €100 per ticket will be applied in case of cancellation or failure to meet obligations by the seller. These fees aim to hold sellers accountable and maintain user trust.

2. Substitution fees

In case of non-compliance, substitution fees may be added to fixed penalties. These fees are determined based on various criteria, such as the quantity of tickets, market dynamics, and buyer requirements. The platform reserves the choice to apply or not these substitution fees in case of non-compliance and sale cancellation due to seller fault.

3. Application of Penalties and Fees

Penalties and fees will be deducted from the seller's royalties or charged to their credit card. The seller waives any claim in case of failure to meet their obligations as a seller and any breach of seller rules.

C - Seller Compensation

Sales are compensated via bank transfer, usually within 5 business days after the event starts. Bank information must be accurate and match the seller's details to avoid payment issues.

D - Last Minute Sales

Only trusted sellers who have completed more than 50 sales without any claims are allowed to sell tickets up to 48 hours before the event starts. This ensures optimal responsiveness and fluidity for buyers.

E - Trusted Seller

1. Obtaining Trusted Seller Status

Trusted sellers are those who have completed more than 50 sales without any claims. This status is automatically granted to sellers reaching this reliability threshold.

2. Advantages of Trusted Seller Status

Trusted sellers enjoy many benefits, such as a special mention on their listings, the ability to list tickets up to 2 hours before the event, and early payments in some cases. This status aims to reward the most serious sellers and strengthen buyer trust.

For detailed information on the rules applicable to sellers, visit the Legal Notice and Terms of Use page