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RED Tickets-Exchange is the result of a collective passion for live events. Our paramount objective is to provide a secure venue for bona fide buyers and sellers to conduct transactions. Recognizing the reality of the secondary market, we aim to regulate and secure it. Every purchaser desires the assurance of accessing the event for which they have paid and receiving tickets consistent with their description.
Our solution is the RED FANS guarantee. In the event of a seller's default, our platform intervenes to furnish the buyer with comparable or superior tickets. This guarantee is complimentary and funded through transaction commissions. Our modestly sized platform stands as a tangible alternative to fraudulent websites and social networks where unscrupulous individuals exploit the naivety of buyers. On the other side, we aspire to provide sellers, irrespective of their profile, the assurance of being remunerated when they fulfill their obligations correctly, as they too may occasionally fall victim to fraudulent activities.

Our platform operates as a non-profit association, self-funded through commissions. To ensure a secure environment, we have established clear and transparent rules that all parties commit to abide by. We, therefore, invite you to carefully read our general terms of use for an enhanced experience, whether you are a buyer or a seller.


This paragraph stipulates that the general terms of sale govern the utilization of our ticket resale platform for sporting events at https://www.tickets-exchange.com. It specifies that both the Buyer and the Seller accept these conditions when utilizing our platform.

Online marketplace services

  • RED Tickets-Exchange (the site) operates as an online marketplace. Our service facilitates the connection between buyers and sellers seeking tickets.
  • Only registered buyers and sellers have the privilege of utilizing the platform and our services.
  • Our platform enables registered users intending to purchase tickets ("buyers") to locate registered users wishing to sell tickets ("sellers").
  • As a marketplace, RED Tickets-Exchange does not own the listed and sold tickets on the site.
  • RED Tickets-Exchange does not acquire legal ownership of the underlying ticket, and the actual transactions take place between buyers and sellers.
  • RED Tickets-Exchange can provide advice on pricing, shipping, listing, and other aspects upon request.
  • Once a buyer and seller consummate a transaction, it is safeguarded by the RED FANS guarantee.

Please be advised that the above information is provided for general reference, and it is imperative that all users thoroughly review and comprehend our detailed general terms of use before engaging in any transactions on RED Tickets-Exchange.com.

Price determination

This section elucidates that the seller establishes the sale price of the tickets, which may surpass the face value. RED TICKETS EXCHANGE does not interfere with the pricing structure and is not accountable for any variations proposed by sellers.

a. When listing a ticket, sellers must designate the price at which they intend to sell the ticket ("Sale Price"). Sellers should consider the specified commissions at the time of listing, which will be deducted from the final amount. It is crucial to note that commission amounts may fluctuate depending on the type of event or the event location.
b. Sellers have the ability to modify (e.g., increase or decrease the Sale Price) or remove their listing at any time until the tickets are sold.
c. The responsibility for setting the asking price for the tickets lies with the seller (not RED Tickets-Exchange).
d. The asking price may exceed the face value (the price established by the official organizer), as indicated in each listing.
e. As a marketplace, prices may fluctuate at any given time. Buyers are precluded from seeking a discount or refund due to a decrease in market value. All sales are final, and buyers cannot amend or annul an order once the sale is consummated.
f. If a seller fails to fulfill their obligations and cancels a sale, cancellation fees shall be applicable. A fixed penalty of €100 per ticket shall be automatically deducted from the seller's bank account or deducted from their earnings generated on our platform. Furthermore, substitution fees may be applied, contingent upon the quantity of tickets, market dynamics, and the buyer's stipulations. It is imperative to note that the application of these fees does not necessitate prior validation from the seller. By accepting our general terms of sale and use, sellers acknowledge and accept that these fees may be applied in the event of cancellation. We strive for complete transparency and endeavor to provide information as precise as possible regarding the fees associated with cancellation. Nevertheless, owing to the dynamic nature of the market and the demands of buyers, variations may transpire in the substitution fees applied. We strongly recommend a meticulous reading of our general terms of sale and use before listing your tickets. By accepting our general terms of sale and use, sellers also acknowledge waiving any claims and legal actions contesting the application of these fees. It should be noted that, in this situation, priority is accorded to rectifying the harm suffered by the buyer. Our platform incurs fees and human resources for the substitution, which is executed not necessarily at the optimal price but expeditiously and reliably to ensure buyer satisfaction.


a. When placing an order, a contractual agreement is established between the buyer and the seller for the purchase of the designated tickets.
b. Payment is initially remitted to RED Tickets-Exchange and held in escrow. Subsequently, pursuant to our Seller Protocol, this payment is disbursed to the seller within a maximum period of 10 business days following the event date.
c. At no juncture do we disclose the payment information of the buyer to the seller. The funds are remitted to RED Tickets-Exchange via the online payment service Stripe, and the seller is remunerated for the sale in accordance with their selected payment method and payment policy.

Payments received for tickets purchased through the site are processed by us on behalf of the seller and credited to the seller in compliance with seller policies. The seller designates us as their limited payment collection agent, exclusively for the purpose of receiving funds from buyers on behalf of the seller. The seller agrees that any payment made by the buyer to us will be considered a payment made directly to the seller, and the seller will make the tickets available to the buyer as agreed, as if the seller had received payment directly from the buyer. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the seller understands that our obligation to remit payment to the seller is contingent upon the successful receipt of corresponding payments from the buyer. By agreeing to act as the limited payment collection agent for the seller, we disclaim any responsibility for the acts or omissions of the seller.
Buyer payments are due and payable immediately. A buyer may remit the total order amount, inclusive of applicable service fees and taxes, using any of the accepted payment methods.
The obligation of a buyer to remunerate for a ticket is deemed fulfilled upon our receipt of the full payment.

Platform commissions

a. All applicable service fees, including any taxes, will be communicated to you before listing or purchasing a ticket.
b. Service fees may vary based on the type of event, ticket type, and location.

Firm and non-refundable purchases

This paragraph explicitly states that all purchases made on our platform RED Tickets-Exchange.com are firm and non-refundable, except in the case of event cancellation. Buyers must consider this policy before finalizing their purchase, as once the purchase is confirmed, no refund will be granted in case of withdrawal, change of plans, or for any other reason not provided for in the general terms of sale.

It is important for buyers to understand that tickets listed for sale may be offered at a price higher than their face value. As a Marketplace, we allow sellers to set the asking price for tickets, and the asking price may exceed the nominal value of the ticket due to demand, scarcity, or other factors.

We want to emphasize that ticket prices can fluctuate at any time based on market supply and demand. Therefore, if the ticket price decreases after the purchase, the buyer is not entitled to a refund or compensation for the price difference. The buyer agrees to purchase the ticket at the price set by the seller at the time of purchase, regardless of any subsequent price variations.

We encourage buyers to carefully review all available information about the ticket, including the price, section, date, and time of the event, before making their purchase decision. If the buyer has any doubts or questions about the ticket, we encourage them to contact our platform or consult our support service before proceeding with the purchase.

Ticket delivery

1. This paragraph specifies that the date and delivery method of tickets depend on the event and the arrangements made by the official organizer. Once the tickets are made available by the organizer, the seller has a strict deadline of 48 hours to deliver them to the buyer. It is the seller's responsibility to ensure that delivery is secure and within the specified timeframe.
2. It is also emphasized that each buyer is notified by email of the ticket availability and specific instructions regarding delivery. It is the buyer's responsibility to regularly check their emails and follow the provided instructions. Buyers are strongly recommended to download the tickets at least 2 hours before the event starts to avoid last-minute issues.
3. We have also provided buyers with an internal notification system on our platform. This system allows the buyer to stay informed of the latest information and instructions related to their order.
4a. We strongly encourage buyers to take necessary steps to ensure timely receipt of tickets. This includes verifying the delivery information provided to the seller, especially regarding attendees. Please note that attendee information can only be changed upon written request via our contact form.
4b. While our platform strives to best accommodate modification requests from the seller, we cannot guarantee the reissuance of tickets in the event of a participant change or input error by the buyer. Therefore, buyers must ensure accurate information is provided during the order to avoid any ticket-related inconvenience.

Platform responsibility and security

The Marketplace disclaims any responsibility for the loss, damage, or theft of tickets. Users understand and accept that the Marketplace's responsibility is limited to connecting buyers and sellers, and it cannot be held responsible for incidents or damages occurring after the sale of tickets. It is the responsibility of buyers and sellers to take necessary measures to ensure the security of tickets during the transaction and after delivery.

Additionally, the Marketplace is not responsible for password loss or account access. Users are responsible for the confidentiality of their login information and must take appropriate measures to protect their accounts. This includes creating a strong password, not disclosing login information to third parties, and logging out of the account after each session. The Marketplace cannot be held responsible for consequences resulting from user negligence in securing their accounts.

It is important for users to understand these provisions and take necessary measures to protect their tickets, login information, and user accounts. While the Marketplace implements reasonable security measures, each user has the responsibility to maintain the security of their own information and take appropriate precautions when using the platform.

Rules applicable to sellers

A - Seller Responsibilities and Obligations

1. Authentication and Legal Requirements

We value transparency and legality on our platform. Any seller wishing to list tickets must provide a valid form of identification (Passport / National Identity Card / Driver's License). Additionally, the seller must adhere to the minimum legal age required in their country of residence to sell tickets on RED Tickets Exchange. It is strictly prohibited to offer for sale tickets that the seller does not own or have the right to use.

2. Accurate Ticket Description

Each seller is required to provide a complete and detailed description of the tickets when listing them, paying particular attention to the following points:

Seating Arrangement : Any listing featuring two or more tickets must include seats situated next to each other (consecutive seats in the same row). Tickets spread across two rows must be listed separately.

Potential Restrictions : To avoid any confusion or disappointment, all restrictions specified by the official organizer must be clearly indicated when listing, such as disabled seating, restricted views, or sections designated for opposing supporters.

Face Value of Tickets : To ensure transparency and comply with laws in certain countries, sellers must clearly state the original price paid to the official organizer for each ticket. This information is provided to the buyer before purchase validation.

Any deliberate or inadvertent failure to comply with the transparency rules on tickets mentioned above may result in the total cancellation of the sale as well as penalties, as described in the "Penalties for Non-Compliance" section below.
Although our platform strives to facilitate an amicable resolution and remains open to any solution proposed by the seller, the buyer, and the platform retain exclusive discretionary power regarding the cancellation of the sale in the event of non-compliance.

3. Credit Card Guarantee

To ensure transaction reliability, each seller is required to provide a credit card imprint. This imprint serves to cover potential penalties in case of breaches of platform rules. It is important to note that no fees are charged when the card is imprinted; it is simply retained in the event of platform rule violations.

4. Reporting an Issue

To ensure a smooth and efficient purchasing experience, each sale is considered final and confirmed. The seller must deliver the tickets in accordance with the initial description. Any issues related to a sale must be reported by the seller within 24 hours, so that our platform can intervene and offer a substitute solution to the buyer. Adhering to this deadline is essential to ensure buyer satisfaction. Beyond this deadline, our platform reserves the right to cancel the sale without the seller's authorization and to apply the penalties described in the "Penalties for Non-Compliance" section.

5. Ticket Delivery

Once the tickets are available from the official event organizer, the seller has a strict 24-hour deadline to deliver the tickets to the buyer. It is crucial for the seller to meet this deadline to ensure a positive purchasing experience. The seller is responsible for ensuring secure and timely delivery, following our platform's instructions. Any delay or delivery issue may result in buyer dissatisfaction and consequences, including sale cancellation and penalties, as described in the "Penalties for Non-Compliance" section. This 24-hour deadline is reduced to 4 hours for events starting within 24 hours of the actual sale.

6. Price Setting

We place great importance on sellers' freedom to set prices. Thus, each seller is free to set the ticket selling price, which will be clearly displayed when listing. The net amount the seller will receive is also specified at the time of posting the ad, as well as in the "My Listings" section of their client profile. Once the sale is made, the seller cannot change the price or reverse their decision. It is important to note that any input errors are the seller's responsibility. Our platform disclaims all responsibility for pricing errors. When a seller chooses to list their tickets on www.Tickets-Exchange.com, they agree to fulfill the obligations mentioned above and waive any banking or legal claims in the event of non-compliance and penalties applied.

B - Penalties for Non-Compliance with Seller Rules

Any non-compliance with the above-mentioned seller rules may result in the following penalties :

1. Fixed Penalties of €100 per ticket

To ensure the security and reliability of our platform and to offer an optimal experience to our users, we have implemented strict measures in case of seller obligation breaches or sale cancellations. Thus, fixed penalties of €100 per ticket will automatically be applied in case of cancellation or any other non-compliance with seller rules. These fees will be deducted from your bank account or deducted from your earnings generated on our platform. These penalties, established by our platform, are non-negotiable regardless of the sale amount or ticket value. They are designed to hold sellers accountable, discourage non-compliant behavior, and ensure a trusted and transparent environment for our users.

2. Substitution Fees

In the event of non-compliance with seller rules, substitution fees may also be applied in addition to the €100 penalties mentioned above. They are determined based on several factors such as ticket quantity, market evolution, and buyer requirements. The platform solely reserves the choice to apply or not these substitution fees in case of non-compliance and sale cancellation due to the seller's fault.

Important : The platform is not obliged to consult the seller in the search for substitution tickets. No prior validation is required from the seller for setting these substitution fees. The main objective of our platform is to provide the buyer, in the shortest possible time, and not at the best price, with equivalent or better quality substitution tickets in terms of seating. The seller is free to propose substitution solutions, but the platform solely reserves the right to favorably respond to them or not.

3. Application of Penalties and Substitution Fees

The €100 per ticket penalties as well as the substitution fees will be deducted directly from the seller's overall royalties or charged to the card provided during registration, regardless of the relevant competition. An email notification will be sent to inform the seller of the amount of fees debited. By accepting our terms and conditions of sale and use, the seller waives any claims or disputes in case of non-compliance with their obligations or applicable rules. In case of cancellation, the seller acknowledges and accepts the application of the mentioned fees. While we strive to maintain complete transparency on cancellation-related fees, please note that these fees may vary depending on the market and buyer requirements. We encourage you to consult our terms and conditions of sale and use before listing your tickets. By accepting these terms, you also waive any claims or legal action against the application of these fees.

C - Seller Remuneration

Sales payments are made by bank transfer within 5 (five) business days after the start of the event. Funds are transferred to the bank account indicated in the seller's profile, provided that the banking information matches that of the seller (last name or company). Transfers to third parties are not allowed for reasons of transparency and compliance with anti-money laundering laws. Any error in entering banking information is the sole responsibility of the seller. The platform disclaims all responsibility for delays or losses resulting from incorrect banking information provided during registration.

D - Last Minute Sale

Only trusted sellers, designated on our platform by the term Trusted Seller and having completed more than 50 sales without complaint, are authorized to sell tickets up to 48 hours before the start of the event. This measure aims to ensure responsiveness and smoothness for buyers. Consequently, all listings are automatically disabled 48 hours before the event kickoff, except for members of our Trusted Sellers program.

E - Trusted Seller

1. Attaining Trusted Seller Status

The Trusted Seller label is awarded to sellers who have completed more than 50 sales without any complaints on our platform. This distinction is clearly displayed on each listing. No action is required on your part to obtain this status; it will be automatically granted once you have reached this level of reliability.

2. Benefits of Trusted Seller Status

Trusted sellers enjoy numerous benefits, such as a special mention on their listings, the ability to list tickets up to 2 hours before the event, and early payments in certain cases. This status aims to reward the most serious sellers and enhance buyer confidence.

Event cancellation

In case of cancellation of the event for which tickets have been purchased, the sale is automatically canceled, and the buyer will be fully refunded the amount paid for the tickets. The Marketplace takes this situation very seriously and commits to processing the refund as quickly as possible to minimize any inconvenience for the buyer. We make every effort to facilitate the refund process and ensure it is conducted securely and transparently.

It is important to note that refunds will be made in the same currency used at the time of ticket purchase, not in the buyer's bank account currency. The platform disclaims any responsibility for fluctuations in exchange rates between the purchase date and the refund date. By accepting these conditions, the buyer waives any individual or collective legal action related to potential exchange rate fluctuations in this specific case.

Event date change

In case of a change in the date of the event for which tickets have been purchased, the sale remains valid, and the tickets remain valid for the new date. No refund will be made in this case, as the tickets remain usable for attending the event on the new date. It is the buyer's responsibility to take into account this change in date and ensure their availability to attend the event on the rescheduled date.

We recommend all buyers to pay attention to information about possible date changes, as the Marketplace cannot be held responsible for consequences related to the buyer's unavailability on the new event date. Therefore, it is essential for the buyer to follow communications from the Marketplace and the event organizer to stay informed about any changes.

Please note that the above information is provided as general indicative guidance and is subject to our detailed terms and conditions. It is important to read them carefully before proceeding with a transaction on RED Tickets-Exchange. We implement these measures to best protect the platform and ensure a secure purchasing experience for our users.

Fees collected by the platform

This paragraph highlights that the Marketplace applies service fees to both buyers and sellers. These fees, explicitly detailed during the purchase process for buyers and clearly mentioned when listing tickets for sellers, are non-refundable, except in the event of cancellation of the event.

It is imperative to emphasize that our fees may vary based on various parameters such as the venue, date, or nature of the event. These pricing variations primarily stem from the expenses associated with the nature and quantity of the verification, monitoring, and buyer protection work that we undertake.

Sellers, by explicitly accepting these conditions at the time of listing their tickets, acknowledge and unreservedly accept the associated fees. Similarly, buyers expressly waive any claims or legal action related to potential fee fluctuations when using our services.

This approach aims to ensure transparency and prevent any subsequent disputes. Users, whether buyers or sellers, thus understand the necessity of these fees to ensure the integrity of our platform and the quality of transactions that take place on it.

By using our services, users categorically waive any individual and collective legal claims related to potential fee fluctuations. This rigorous position aims to protect our platform from any allegations of bad faith and maintain transparency about our fees.