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Welcome to RED Ticket Exchange, where you can quickly and securely sell your tickets for top sports events worldwide, including UEFA Euro 2024, the Champions League, the Europa League, and matches of PSG, Real Madrid, or Bayern Munich.

Red Ticket Exchange is more than a ticketing platform; it's a Marketplace for selling tickets with peace of mind. Get paid within five days after the event via bank transfer. Our Customer Service is here to assist you daily. For regular sellers (Trusted Sellers), enjoy benefits like immediate payments and last-minute listings.

How to Sell Your Tickets?
Simply sign up, validate your personal information, then go to the match page and click Sell Tickets. Fill out the form, send the unaltered purchase invoice. Listings are accepted or rejected within 48 hours.


Sell Your Tickets for UEFA Euro 2024

UEFA Euro 2024 is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. During a first lottery that offered tickets for sale without knowing the participating teams, many were led to want to buy and resell certain tickets. Our platform facilitates these transactions between buyers and sellers.

Based on your purchase invoice provided by UEFA, you can now list your tickets and deliver them in May when the official Euro 2024 app will be available. The UEFA Mobile Tickets app, already used for Euro 2020, is reliable for ticket transfer. Once the tickets are sent to the correct email address, you can consider the sale closed and awaiting payment, provided that the tickets are in line with the listing (category and seating in the stadium). Payment will be made by bank transfer no later than five working days after the match.

As a reminder, when you list tickets together, they must be seated side by side in the same row. Any deviation from this rule will result in replacement penalties deducted from the bank guarantee that serves as security when a sale is validated.

Become a Trusted Seller

When you have completed 50 sales without claims on our platform, you will gain the privileged status of Trusted Seller. This status offers you many advantages, including a distinctive annotation for the buyer that promotes the sale of your tickets, payment upon ticket delivery, and the ability to list your tickets until the last minute before kickoff. Choose RED Ticket Exchange for reselling your tickets